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$1,400 incl. GST

Thule 5200 Awning

The Thule 5200 is the new standard for RV awnings.  With a selection of cassette colours to match your vehicle and a range of clever features it’s perfect for vans, caravans and motorhomes.

  • Its design and look match the contemporary recreational vehicle designs and is better integrated on the vehicle sides
  • Sturdy spring arms with patented tension arms ensure a perfectly tensioned awning fabric and increase the wind-resistance
  • Projection up to 2.50 m to increase your personal space, protecting you from sun and rain
  • Optional rail available which covers the gap under the awning. The rail has two functions: you can install a Thule tent or add a Thule LED Strip
  • Vertically lowering system to unfold support legs without danger of damaging the vehicle
  • User-friendly Quick Lock system for easy setting and adjustment of the support legs
  • By setting the angle as you please, the awning can be opened and closed even when the sliding door of your van is open
  • The unique Thule cassette adjustment system means perfect closing of the awning even after years of usage
  • Front profile with drainage system to dispose of water and waste, and which makes it easy to clean
  • A motor can be easily retrofit installed afterwards on a manual Thule Omnistor 5200 awning
  • Available in different lengths, box and fabric colours

Mounting Brackets: This awning comes with standard flat mounting brackets.  Special brackets are available for separate purchase.  If you are unsure which bracket you require, please comment in the box and we will ring you to discuss the best option.


Awning Size: The awning size is the overall length of the cassette, the roof is 180mm shorter than the cassette overall, so the size of the awning will depend on the size of the Caravelair model which you purchase.

  • The 2.6m awning has a projection of 2.0m and weighs 19.0kgs
  • The 3.0m awning has a projection of 2.5m and weighs 22.6kgs
  • The 3.5m awning has a projection of 2.5m and weighs 25.4kgs
  • The 4.0m awning has a projection of 2.5m and weighs 28.0kgs
  • The 4.5m awning has a projection of 2.5m and weighs 30.4kgs


$1,026.30 incl. GST

Thule EasyLink Tent

The Thule EasyLink Tent is ultra light and has been jointly designed by Thule and Aussie Traveller to best suit Australian conditions. Made from a highly innovative lightweight tear resistant Riptop fabric.  Universal lightweight tent for awnings with a projection starting from 2.25m.  Projection extension kit available for awnings with a projections between 2.75m  & 3m.

Fast and easy set-up. The complete tent is in one piece. It easily slides into the caravan rail or an additional rail below the awning, and is easily fixed to the front rail/roller of the awning.  The sloping front panel offers a large internal living surface of maximum 2.50m x 3.60m.  A double ceiling is formed by suspending the tent below the awning thus creating better ventilation and insulation.

The front has integrated doors on the left and right hand side.  End wall windows are complete with mosquito mesh for optimal ventilation. All windows are covered with external blinds with zippers.


The EasyLink Tent suits the full range of Thule Omnistor Awning Plus, so the size of the tent will depend on the size of the awning purchased. Available lengths are:

  • 2.60m (Suit 3m+ Awnings)
  • 3.10m (Suit 3.5m+ Awnings)
  • 3.60m (Suit 4m+ Awnings)


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