What size van can I tow with my vehicle?

Caravelair produces a range of caravans that can be towed by most regular road vehicles. You can reference our product Brochure and the Vehicle Towing Mass Guide, which can be provided by our staff, to find out the caravans models best suited to your vehicle.

What options are available on the Antares caravans?

The full annex, inflatable awning and roof mounted solar panels are all available options. The drawbar cover, pillow package and interior carpets are all also possible options on our caravan. You can view these options on our Optional Extras page.

Is the toilet/shower standard on all models?

Yes, the toilet and shower come as standard on all Antares model caravans.

Are single beds possible on the caravans?

The single bed set up can be made on the Antares 406 and the Antares 496. Most models have a combination of double beds and bunk beds.

With regards to service and maintenance for the caravans, do they require a licenced Caravelair technician to work on them?

We have our own workshop and authorised repairers in Sydney where we would be happy to accommodate you, or we may be able to recommend a service centre to owners in regional areas or other States. Servicing is standardised across caravan companies in Australia, and usually similar terms apply. You can see our warranty terms and conditions here.

How do I go about ordering or getting a quote for spare parts?

Parts can be ordered through our Customer Service Team. Otherwise you may be able to find the parts in our Parts Store: https://parts.carlight.com.au/

Does the caravan come with a spare tyre?

Yes, all our caravans come fitted with a spare tyre.

Where is the bed in this caravan?

You can see the location of the bed by looking at the layout on each of the individual model pages on our site or by requesting our latest Brochure. There are six different Antares configurations available.

Is the caravan European?

Yes, the caravan is manufactured in France. Europe has the largest caravan market in the world, as well as some of the safest and strictest quality assurance standards. All our caravans meet the required Australian standards for road safety.

Is the caravan a standard height off the ground?

The height off the ground varies between the models but is sufficient for all sealed roads, and even dirt and gravel roads.

Can your caravan fit two (2) people?

All our caravans have space for a minimum of two people. You can refer to the ‘berth’ number to identify how many people can sleep in the caravan at one time.

Are they lightweight and easy to tow?

Yes, Caravelair caravans are made to be extremely lightweight. They use composite materials in their construction, including GRP and XPS, as well as innovative materials for furniture and bedding. Because of these lightweight construction techniques the caravans can be towed by most regular road vehicles. They come fitted with AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabilisers to improve the smoothness of towing and give you the confidence required to handle critical driving situations.

Are the caravans wired for 240v?

Yes, the caravans are wired for 240v.

What is the best way to power my caravan and charge my 12 volt battery, when 240v is not available i.e. when I am free camping?

You can use a solar power unit or generator, depending on your power consumption requirements. Our staff are able to advise on the solar power solutions suitable for our caravans. And we can provide advice on where to go to purchase a suitable generator.

What could have caused the battery in my caravan to run flat?

The fridge, lights, water pump or other 12v appliances in the caravan can drain the battery if accidentally left on. For any issues with the electrics in the caravan, you are required to take it to a suitably qualified electrician.

Will the fridge run on a 12v battery power?

The fridge will run on 240v, 12v and gas. The fridge can best be cooled using 240v electricity. The 12v setting is predominately for when you are travelling to your destination, as it will ‘maintain’ the cool temperature within the fridge. Gas can be used to cool the fridge only when you are stationary.

What does the transformer/charger in my caravan do?

It converts 240v (mains) power to 12v, which is required to charge the 12v battery. This will then power the interior lights, water pump, fridge, and other accessories that you may plug into the USB ports.

Note: The Power Supply Unit (PSU) requires adequate ventilation to operate efficiently. DO NOT pack luggage or other bulky items around the PSU or block-off nearby air vents or gaps in interior panels.

Is there space for a small microwave?

Depending on the model, you will normally find suitable space to install a microwave; normally on the bench tops or in one of the cupboards.

Are the caravans fire safe?

All caravans come fitted with a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher. Caravelair also use fire safe windows (large enough to be evacuated through) and fire safe (flame retardant) bedding fabrics.

Are you able to install solar panels, an Anderson plug and an extra battery?

Yes, these items can be installed by our staff. If you require these items please talk with our staff and they can assist with the most appropriate solution for what you are trying to achieve. Note that these items are not standard and will incur a cost.

Is there a TV and an antenna fitted or available?

Yes, the Antares model caravans come fitted with a TV bracket, and the wiring suitable for installation of a TV antenna. See our Optional Extras page for the latest inclusions and available options.

Do the caravans come fitted with a 7-pin or 12-pin plug?

All our caravans come fitted with a 12-pin plug. We also include the 12-pin to 7-pin adapter. Please note that the 12-pin plug should not be used on your caravan unless you have consulted with your 12 volt auto-electrician.

What is the tow ball weight of your caravans?

Please refer to our latest Brochure for the correct tow ball weights for each of the models.

Can the caravan be towed at freeway speeds?

Yes, the caravans can be driven up to 100km/hr. This is on the provision that they are correctly loaded with even weight distribution and the tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure.

*Please note that it is important to allow for the driving conditions, ensuring that you ‘reduce speed’ when driving on rough roads, in high wind areas or cross winds; also in wet conditions.

Does a Caravelair Caravan come with a warranty?

Yes, all our caravans come with a 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty and 2 Year Water Ingress Warranty. You can view more information on our warranties here.

Where are your dealerships located?

We are currently located in NSW. You can view our dealership location here.

We also regularly exhibit at Trade Shows around Australia. You can view our Trade Show Schedule here.

Are these caravans converted to left hand drive, regarding the entry doors?

Yes, they are. All caravans have entry doors on the left hand side.

I live interstate. How would I get my caravan delivered?

We can arrange interstate delivery with one of our long-term and trusted shipping companies. Otherwise we can arrange an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for you to collect the caravan from our premises and tow it back to your home location.

Do we offer finance?

Yes, we do. You can read more about our finance options here.

Is there a caravan cover that you know of that fits this van and where can I get it?

Yes we have caravan covers available. You can see them on our Optional Extras page.

Do you do trade-ins?

Our business doesn’t cater for trade-ins at the moment. All the caravans we sell are brand new.

Do I need caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is not required by law, but it is highly recommended. You can contact your car or home insurer for a quote, otherwise we recommend a caravan specific insurer such as Let’s Go Caravan Insurance. Insurance will cover your caravan in the event of an accident or if it were to be stolen. We would recommend you protect your caravan as you would any other asset.

Are there any wind rating specifications for caravans as there are for housing?

This is not something that we have available for caravans. It is important to note however that our smaller caravan models are much shorter than traditional sized caravans and therefore have much less wind resistance.

For stability on the road, we fit all Caravelair Antares model caravans with a AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser and AL-KO independent suspension systems. Because our caravans have a lower tare weight, lower centre of gravity, lower overall height and lower ATM (that traditional caravans), we regard them as more efficient and safer to tow than larger caravans.

Is there anything I should know about a European caravan in our Australian conditions?

The Australian national vehicle safety standards were adopted to harmonise our regulations with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulations. So many of the required Australian standards are automatically met because these caravans are predominately manufactured in Europe.

European weather conditions include temperatures from as low as -20 °C, to over 40 °C in the summer. As a result, Caravelair caravans are extremely well insulated and prevented from water-ingress (i.e. leaks). The caravans have fully ‘hot dipped’ galvanised chassis to deal with the high rates of corrosion in Europe, and have a C-section design to assist with regular servicing and safety checks i.e. for rust and structural integrity. The chassis of these caravans are built by Caravelair at the factory in France, to meet the requirements of tough outback Australian road conditions.

The Caravelair caravans are a touring caravan, and are not designed to be taken on 4WD ‘only’ roads.

What kind of brakes are on the Caravelair? Will I need electric brakes fitted to my car?

Caravelair caravans are fitted with an override (inertia) braking system, which means any car fitted with only a tow bar and 7-pin plug will be able to pick them up and tow them. They are not fitted with electric brakes (because their GVM is under 2,000kgs). As a result you do not require electrics brakes to be fitted to your car.

What kind of suspension system do the Caravelair caravans have?

The Antares model caravans have a suspension system manufactured by AL-KO. It is a rubber torsion bar (axle) and heavy duty shock absorbers. The rubber in axle is designed to reduce vibrations on dirt and corrugated roads.

Can we put a washing machine in the caravan?

Storage space is available in all the Antares models. Depending on the size of the washing machine, it may be possible to install one in the larger models, it is however not an option that we install in our factory.

How much water do the Caravelair caravans carry?

The Antares model caravans come fitted with 54 litre internal water tanks. There is the option to increase the water carrying capacity in certain models subject to consultation with the Sales Representative.

How much water does the hot water tank hold and how long will it take to heat-up?

The Truma Combi 4E heats up to 10 litres of water at a time, and takes approximately 20 mins to heat from this water from 15 °C to 60 °C.

What is the light that comes on near the toilet lever?

This is the ‘Waste Tank full’ indicator light. The light comes on to indicate that the waste tank is full. The manufacturer advises that this is the latest time to empty the waste tank and recommends that it be done earlier, where possible.

What is the recommended tyre pressure for my caravan?

Please consult your Owners Handbook in the first instance. The alloy wheels installed on Antares model caravans require 40-42 PSI or 276-290 Kpa.

Is it okay to carry luggage or other items in my caravan?

Yes, but it is important not to exceed the maximum loaded weight (known as ATM or GTM). Ensure any additional load added to your van is evenly arranged and items are packed to restrict movement while travelling (and restrained where possible). Place heavy objects over the axle/wheels and empty the water and waste tanks before transport to reduce weight (wherever possible).

I can’t hear my fridge running, is this normal?

Three way fridges (240v, 12v & Gas) work off an ‘absorption’ principle, which involves the circulation of various liquids. These fridges do not have a compressor, thus making their operation very quiet.

Tips for best fridge operation:

– Absorption fridges need to be kept level in order to operate correctly.

– Allow several hrs for your fridge to cool (empty) before loading with food/drink etc.

– Do not overload your fridge. This will greatly reduce the cooling capacity.

* Be aware that 12v (battery) operation can only ‘maintain the existing fridge temp’ for short periods (approx. 1-2 hrs) if the battery is not connected to a power source such as solar power or charge from a running car.

I have a customer service question. Who can I contact?

You will need to speak it our Customer Service Team. They can be contacted using the Contact Us information on our website. If you have a warranty claim, please use the Make a Claim form.

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