Warranty Terms & Conditions


CARLIGHT provides the original purchaser of every Caravelair a 12 month warranty that the product’s workmanship and materials will be free from defects, as well as a 2 year water ingress warranty. The warranty period commences on the date of purchase. Warranty repairs and replacements will be undertaken by CARLIGHT or an authorised repairer. Warranty repairs and replacements will be free of charge unless an on-site repair is requested in which case a service call fee will apply. Unless the owner has prior written consent from CARLIGHT, the owner will not be reimbursed under the Warranty for any repairs undertaken by an unauthorised repairer. The Warranty will not apply in certain circumstances, including where the Caravan has been:

  • Used for a purpose other than which it was designed;
  • Used for commercial purposes;
  • In an accident; or
  • Towed by a vehicle other than an approved standard passenger vehicle.

The Warranty will also not extend to specific types of damage including:

  • Wear and tear when the caravan has been used for permanent living purposes;
  • Tears, punctures, and fading to fabric items; or
  • Damage caused by alterations or repairs being undertaken by an unauthorised repairer.

Weights: The ‘mass in running order’ is the weight of the Caravan equipped to the manufacturer’s standard specification. The addition of options and alterations will change the weights and carrying capacity of each Caravan. Please take care to ensure that you have allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the Caravan. Your Caravan weights have been calculated with all water tanks empty and you are recommended to travel with all water tanks empty. WARNING: Under no circumstances should the plated ATM of the Caravan be exceeded.

Caravelair include equipment and fittings, such as cooking appliances, tyres and toilets, which are separately warranted by their manufacturer and not covered by Caravelair’s Warranty. If necessary, Caravelair will help an owner make a warranty claim to these individual component manufacturers. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to Lodge a Service Request.





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